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It's time for a change! 

The central branch of the Caroline County Public Library hasn't been renovated since 1995. Think of everything that's changed since then! In 1995, email was in its infancy. Tablets and e-readers didn't exist, and audiobooks were on CDs or cassettes. "Google" was just a silly sounding word.
General Donations

Help us transform our library for the modern age!

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Library renovations will begin in 2022. We're raising funds to help cover the cost of furniture and fixtures throughout the library.

These costs cannot be covered by grant funds, so your support is critical!
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Enjoy some peace & quiet!

The library renovation isn't just about technology... Reading a great book in a comfy chair will always be an important part of the library! The new layout will create quiet spaces that are truly quiet.

Become a Lead Donor

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If your family or business would like to leave a lasting legacy, please explore our recognition packages for significant donors. In memoriam gifts are also accepted. Donors may choose to remain anonymous.
Library Renovation Donation Form
Interested in being a significant supporter of this project? Learn more here.
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