Stay In & Read
A cozy fundraiser for the Caroline County Public Library!

We aren't able to do our usual Mini Golf fundraiser this year, so we're hosting a "novel" non-event to benefit Caroline County Public Library. Participants will make a donation to Friends of the Library and pick a good book to read at home sometime between April 18th and April 24th, 2022. We'll be sharing photos of participants, book recommendations, and more on our social media leading up to and throughout the event.


Sponsorship of Stay In & Read is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a good book and gain some recognition in the community at the same time! We'll be promoting sponsors through social media, on our website, and in an ad in the Caroline Review. 

Funds raised from this event help pay for programs, collections, technology, and more at all three Caroline County Public Library Branches. Your contribution makes a real difference in our community! THANK YOU!