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Renovation Project Planned for Central Branch

Think of everything that has changed in day-to-day life since 1995. In 1995, many people were signing up for their very first email addresses. Students relied on hardback Encyclopedias to complete their homework. Job seekers printed their resumes and sent them out via “snail mail.” Audiobooks were on CDs or cassettes, e-readers and tablets hadn’t been invented yet, and “Google” was just a silly sounding word.

The central branch of the Caroline County Public Library hasn’t been renovated since 1995. The library building of 1995 does not meet the modern needs of our community. Fortunately, there are plans to begin a much-needed renovation next year.

The newly renovated library will be outfitted for the digital age. It will include an updated maker space with 3D printers, a refreshed Teen Zone that gives students a safe space to learn and have fun, a Maryland history and genealogical research center to help families discover their roots, and an improved public computer station. The children’s reading rooms will be updated to include an adjoining family bathroom, making library visits more convenient and safer for families with young children. And because reading a great book in a comfy chair will always be an important part of the library, the new layout will create quiet spaces that are truly quiet.

We need your help to support this important project for our community. The Friends of the Caroline County Public Library are raising funds to cover the costs of furnishings and fixtures throughout the library. These costs cannot be covered through grant funds, so community support is critical. Your donation will go directly to improvements for our local library.

A donation of any amount will help. You can donate online, or a check made payable to Friends of CCPL may be mailed to P.O. Box 363, Denton, MD 21629.

If your family or business is interested in making a significant contribution that includes permanent recognition within the library, you can find additional information here. Gifts in memoriam are also accepted.


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